Connolly for House - Wyoming District 13
Cathy Connolly Wyoming House District 13
concerning Wyoming District 13

“Politics is the deliberation of how we ought to order our life together.”

Core Values that inform my work include:

  • Fairness, Equality and Justice
  • Opportunities for All and Rewarding Hard Work
  • Ethical Business Practices
  • Stewardship of Natural Resources
  • Appreciation of the Arts, Humanities and Sciences
  • Trust, Integrity, Honesty, and Open Communication
  • Responsibility and Vision


Assuring that these values are reflected in our policies and legislation takes diligence. I promise to actively and carefully work towards these ideals. Specifically, I will pursue:

Quality, affordable, and accessible health care, with particular attention paid to substance abuse, suicide prevention, reproductive health, public health, and mental and developmental health care. I am pro-choice and in favor of Medicaid expansion. I believe more attention needs to be paid to the recruitment and retention of our health care professionals.

Attention to children and young adults. I support high quality public schools and access to a wide variety of educational opportunities for our children. I fully support our teaching professionals. With families, teachers are the key to student success. I am in favor of school-choice while maintaining the highest standards for all schools. I support UW as the flagship university of the state, as well as our community colleges. The Hathaway scholarship is one of our crown jewels. I am in favor of examining and reducing Wyoming’s incarceration of children for non-violent offenses. Behaviors of our children that indicate high risk for substance abuse, violence, and suicide must be addressed. Quality and affordable child care is a crucial need for our working families.

Civil Rights for all our residents. I am passionate about social justice and support all forms of non-discrimination. I will continue to advocate for inclusion of anti-discrimination protections based on sexual orientation and gender identity in our statutes, as well as for policies to protect transgendered children in our schools.

Economic self-sufficiency and reduction of poverty through attention to economic diversification, quality child care, and reduction of the wage gap. I support measures to decrease poverty and reliance upon the state to assure the economic well-being of our communities. To achieve these ends, I support increased TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) levels indexed to inflation, increased minimum wages especially for tipped-employees, and examination of methods to diversify the economy. We need to keep our best and brightest young adults in the state with job opportunities that reflect their skills and interests.

Attention to Decreased Revenues - With the anticipated decrease of revenues from oil, gas, coal, and other extractive commodities, the state is facing a budget shortfall. I will advocate for measured use of the Rainy Day fund and reexamination of not only state agency budgets but also of our capital construction and savings policies. At the center of any of our decisions must be the people of the state. It's through investment in our people, that we will grow.