Connolly for House - Wyoming District 13
Election Day Info
Wyoming District 13

Primary Election: August 16, 2016

General Election: November 8, 2016

House District 13 consists of three precincts, 13-1, 13-2 and 13-3.     

Maps of the precincts can be viewed by clicking the following link: Precinct Maps


13-1 and 13-2: Old High School Gym 1275 N. 11th

13-3: Spring Creek School 1203 Russell St

If you have any questions about your precinct or directions to your polling place, use the following link:, or contact the office of the Albany County Clerk at 307-721-2543.

Transportation to the polls may be arranged through the Democratic Party Headquarters at:

Information on Voter Registration can be found at the following link to the Wyoming Secretary of State office: